Beautiful As Real Wood

Conwood innovatively combines the beauty and simplicity as the original wood craftsmanship with the strength and durability of concrete. With a strong commitment to keep the rain forest Indonesia, Conwood provide the best wood substitute solution.

Why Conwood

Easy To Apply
Wood is known for all simplicity prosessed for all kind of application which a human needs, with a hammer and nail, someone can cut off the wood easily.
Fire Resistant & Weatherproof
Filled with a high durability of fire, so it's good for your house application.
Saving Cost & Time
With a lot of exellence such as easy to apply,termite resistant, fire resistant, and easy to cut sawed, you will save your money and time to apply your house.


Eaves & Ceiling
Use Eaves and Ceiling product from Conwood which a weatherproof and termite free. Eaves and Ceiling product is good for interior and exterior decorate for your house or your construction. Eaves and Ceiling product from Conwood is easy to apply and long last.
Conwood Ceiling Border
Give a new decorative look for your Ceiling with Conwood Ceiling Border. This long-last product is good to cover your wall and Ceiling, and it can decorate your ceiling perfectly without any gaps.
Conwood Eave
Conwood Eave looks like teak wood, and give a nice textured wood for your roof and protect you roof from termite. this product is easy to use and long last
Conwood Lath
decorate your ceiling or wall with an easy to use product from Conwood Lath. Conwood Lath is a good choice for design interior and it can give you a gorgeous exterior for your construction.
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